The Maratha Empire had brought an end to the Mughal Empire in the Deccan during the 18th century and the regions of India formerly under Mughal rule had either been absorbed by the Marathas or had declared independence and become smaller kingdoms. [12] Bahadur Shah, in his defense, stated his complete haplessness before the will of the sepoys. He was buried on 15 May in the courtyard of the Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque) in Mehrauli, which he built near the dargah of Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki. A dispute arose between Mumin Khan and Zulfikar Khan Nusrat Jung over who had captured them, with Rafi-us-Shan ruling in favour of the latter. .. for more detail contact A) Begum Hazrat Mahal. umr-e-darāz māńg ke lāye tthe chār din See more ideas about pyinmana, last emperor, red fort. Bahadur Shah himself was taken to his wife's haveli, where he was treated disrespectfully by his captors. C) 1850. He appealed to Muslims in name of religion and declared a jihad against the Sikhs. [27] He requested them to take some steps to remove all apprehension on this account. His men were sent to bring Singh to the city for an interview with him, where Singh received "special robes of honour" and a jewelled scarf. It is high time that steps are taken to bring his remains to India so that we and the coming generations have the opportunity to emulate Bahadur Shah Zafar’s deeds for a free and secular India. [54] Unlike the other Mughal emperors, his coins did not use his name in a couplet; poet Danishmand Khan composed two lines for the coins, but they were not approved. Shivaji raided the outskirts of Mughal Deccan's capital Aurangabad while the indolent Mu'azzam did little to prevent it. D) 1859 [14] Mu'azzam ascended the Mughal throne at age 63 on 19 June 1707, with the title of Bahadur Shah I. At first the trial was suggested to be held at Calcutta, the place where Directors of East India company used to their sittings in connection with their commercial pursuits. B) 1859. Updated: 05 Oct 2019, 10:40 AM IST Shreya Ila Anasuya. Sultana Begum, 60, married the great-grandson of Bahadur Shah Zafar; After ruling India for 300 years, he was overthrown by Britain in 1857; Descendants of the last Mughal emperor survive on a pension of £60; Their home is a two-room hut in a bleak shantytown in Kolkatta Tell these longings to go dwell elsewhere C) 1850. B) 1845. Zafar (meaning 'victory' in Persian) was a poet and an artist. [16] The eighty-two-year old poet-king was harassed by the mutineers and was neither inclined to nor capable of providing any real leadership. In 1683, he was ordered by Aurangzeb to march to the Konkan region to prevent the still rebellious Akbar from fleeing the country, but again Mu'azzam failed to achieve the assigned goal. It has strewn thorns in the garden of my heart [48], After ascending the throne, Bahadur Shah converted to Shiaism and altered the public prayer (or khutba) for the monarch said every Friday by giving the title wali to Ali—the fourth Sunni and the first Shia caliph. Bahadur Shah Zafar was a noted Urdu poet, having written a number of Urdu ghazals. Finding him "invincible", the emperor went to Ajit Singh and Jai Singh for help. They called on Shamas Khan, the Faujdar of Jalandhar, to effect reforms and hand over the treasury. D) 1865 . [43] The emperor issued orders to the rulers of Kumaon and Srinagar that if Bahadur tried to enter their province, he should be "sent to the Emperor". This plan may have been hatched at the instigation of the Marathas, and Mu'azzam's own inclinations and sincerity are difficult to gauge. Shah also pressed Rustam Dil Khan and Muhammad Amin Khan to join them. Shah also sparked an Islamic controversy in the khutba by inserting the declaration of Ali as wali. दो आरज़ू में कट गए, दो इन्तज़ार में Singh was pardoned, became titular ruler of the region and was appointed governor of the province of Kabul before his death on 18 December 1678. However, The East India Company exiled Jahangir after he attacked their resident, in the Red Fort,[2] paving the way for Zafar to assume the throne. Bahadur Shah was born when the British were still a modest coastal power in India. The sepoys did not have any commander since each regiment refused to accept orders from someone other than their own officers. [27] During a period of illness, he told a group of Sufi pirs that several of his wives suspected that someone had cast a spell over him. After losing Lucknow, Begum Hazrat Mahal retreated to Faizabad and joined Maulavi Ahmadullah Shah, Nana Saheb and others in the battle of Shahjahanpur. His messengers gave him the message that Amar Singh got "afraid" by the happenings in Amber and Jodhpur and thought that his kingdom would also be annexed by the Mughals once again. قسمت میں قید لکھی تھی فصلِ بہار میں He was over sixty when he ascended to the throne of Delhi. [42] The city of Sirhind fell to the Mughals on 7 December; its besieger, general Mohammad Amin Khan Bahadur, gave him a golden key ring commemorating the victory. It is unfortunate that this great commander of the First Indian War of Indepen- dence remains buried in a foreign land. [31], On 20 December 1708, the emperor marched towards Talab-i-Mir Jumla, on the outskirts of Hyderabad, with "three hundred camels, [and] twenty thousand rockets" for war with Kam Baksh. Sultana Begum, wife of the great grandson of Bahadur Shah Zafar After her husband's demise, her life has been reduced to a measly pension from which she has to support her 6 children. Once again, Aurangzeb followed his previous policy to dissuade Mu'azzam with gentleness and then to place him under greater vigilance. He married Zeenat Mahal in 1840 who gave birth to his favouite son Mir Jawan Bakht. [5], For the next seven years, from 1681 to 1687, Mu'azzam was a "grudgingly obedient son". While some part of his opus was lost or destroyed during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, a large collection did survive, and was compiled into the Kulliyyat-i-Zafar. p'hailā ke pāoń soyeń-ge kūńj-e-mazaar méń However, the claims are often disputed. Sultana Begum, wife of the great grandson of Bahadur Shah Zafar. Despite this, he was the primary accused in the trial for the rebellion. इक शाख़-ए-गुल पे बैठ के बुलबुल है शादमाँ Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled to Rangoon, Burma, in 1858, along with his wife Zeenat Mahal and some of the of the remaining members of the family. Zafar's father, Akbar II, had been imprisoned by the British and he was not his father's preferred choice as his successor. 41. He Was The Fifteenth Son Of His Father And The Only Son Of His Mother. [15], After ascending the throne, Shah made plans to annex Rajput kingdoms who declared independence after Aurangzeb's death. He died in exile on 7 November 1862 in Rangoon, which is now Yangon, the capital of Burma. Fate had decreed imprisonment during the harvest of spring The aim of the executioners who were not the supporters of Zafar was to implicate him in the killings. [26] Like many of his followers, he believed that his position as both a Sufi pir and emperor gave him spiritual powers. Q17- Bahadur Shah Zafar passed away in . फैला के पाँव सोएँगे कुंज-ए-मज़ार में But when Zafar ultimately did this, Hakim Ahsanullah Khan betrayed him by providing evidence against him at the trial in return for a pardon for himself. बुलबुल को पासबाँ से न सैयाद से गिला But as Gorkha forces arrived, fearing capture and humiliation, the Begum fled to Nepal. din zindagī ke Khatm hué shām ho gayī [5] Nevertheless, the emperor still persisted in entrusting his son with responsibilities, and in 1687, Aurangzeb ordered Mu'azzam to march against the sultanate of Golconda. Shah ruled that because of the dispute, the region would become part of the Mughal empire and the city was renamed as Islamabad. [49] He held the khatib (chief reciter) at the Badshahi Mosque responsible for the matter, and had him arrested. The British took two years to completely suppress the rebel. [12], Without appointing a crown prince, Aurangzeb died in 1707 when Mu'azzam was governor of Kabul and his younger half-brothers (Muhammad Kam Bakhsh and Muhammad Azam Shah) were the governors of the Deccan and Gujarat respectively. उम्र-ए-दराज़ माँगके लाए थे चार दिन [26] After informing Kam Bakhsh of the matter, he invited Rustam Dil Khan for dinner; arrested en route, Rustam Dil Khan was killed by being crushed under the feet of an elephant. [33], With his soldiers outnumbered and unable to resist the attack, Kam Bakhsh joined the battle and shot two quivers of arrows at his opponents. kānTe bichā diye héń dil-e-lālāzār méń In October 1711, a joint Mughal-Rajput force marched towards Sadaura. On 24 February he made his final public appearance,[51] and died during the night of 27–28 February; according to Mughal noble Kamwar Khan, he died of "enlargement of the spleen". Though dismayed by the looting and disorder, he gave his public support to the rebellion. [53], He issued gold, silver and copper coins, although his predecessors' coins were also used to pay government officials and in commerce. He was the son of Akbar Shah from his Hindu wife Lalbai. [12] At first the trial was suggested to be held at Calcutta, the place where Directors of East India company used to their sittings in connection with their commercial pursuits. During a war of succession Singh sided with Aurangzeb's older brother Dara Shikoh, who was killed by Aurangzeb. B) 1845. [11], The trial was a consequence of the Sepoy Mutiny and lasted for 41 days, had 19 hearings, 21 witnesses and over a hundred documents in Persian and Urdu, with their English translations, were produced in the court. The emperor was respected by the company, who provided him with a pension. [37] Banda made his capital at Lohgarh, where he established a mint. At their meeting, he read "books of authority" to justify using the word wasi. When Kam Bakhsh's general told him that his failure to pay his soldiers was the reason for their desertion, he replied: "What need have I of enlisting them? [42], On 1 November 1710 the emperor reached the city of Karnal, where Mughal cartographer Rustam Dil Khan gave him a map of Thanesar and Sirhind. Tomb of Bahadur Shah Zafar: The Last Moghul and his Wife Sleep Here - See 167 traveler reviews, 118 candid photos, and great deals for Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar, at Tripadvisor. At 4 am on 7 October 1858, Zafar along with his wives, two remaining sons began his journey towards Rangoon in bullock carts escorted by 9th Lancers under command of Lieutenant Ommaney.[18]. At Amritsar, about 8,000 Sikhs assembled and captured Majha and Riarki of central Punjab. A) Begum Hazrat Mahal. B) Begum Zinat Mahal. Begum Hazrat Mahal – She was the wife of the deposed Nawab Wazid Ali Shah of Lucknow. Enraged at this, Aurangzeb sent his most able commander Raja Jai Singh to capture Shivaji and he was successful. [17], Jaswant Singh was the leader of the Rathore in Jodhpur (in Rajputana, in present-day Indian state Rajasthan) during Aurangzeb's reign. His reign was disturbed by several rebellions, the Sikhs under the leadership of Banda Singh Bahadur, Rajputs under Durgadas Rathore and fellow Mughal Kam Bakhsh but all of them were successfully quelled. India’s last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar died in this former capital of Myanmar 154 years ago. Of all his wives, Zeenat Mahal was the closest to him. Raja Brajraj Kshatriya Birbar Chamupati Singh Mohapatra of Tigiria. کانٹے بِچھا دیتے ہیں دلِ لالہ زار میں Q18- The Company regime in India came to end in . According to William Irvine, his maternal grandfather was Sayyid Shah Mir (whose daughter, Nawab Bai Ji, married Aurangzeb). [9] Once he had joined them, Bahadur Shah II took ownership for all the actions of the mutineers. However, he yielded to the demands of the sepoys when he was told that they would not be able to win against the East India Company without him. [9], Around 1694, Aurangzeb rehabilitated Mu'azzam and allowed him "to rebuild his household", rehiring some of his servants who had been dismissed. Bahadur Shah Zafar was sentenced life imprisonment and was sent with his wife to Rangoon, where he died in Jail on November 1862. कह दो इन हसरतों से कहीं और जा बसें With little ammunition left, Bahadur and a "few hundred of his followers fled". [47], Bahadur was attacked by Muhammad Amin Khan at the river Satluj, escaping to the Garhwal hills. It was the first case to be tried at the Red Fort. A) 1862. A) 1862. Shah's plans were intercepted by the emperor, who imprisoned him several times. Zafar was accompanied into exile by his wife, Zeenat Mahal, and some of the remaining members of the family. Zafar was accompanied into exile by his wife, Zeenat Mahal, and some of the remaining members of the family. An arched iron-grill bears his name and title. [24], Rivalry developed between Taqarrub Khan and Ahsan Khan. [6] This was something which could not be mistaken for incompetence; it was clearly treason. Q16- _____ was the wife of Bahadur Shah Zafar. B) 1859. کہہ دو اِن حسرتوں سے کہیں اور جا بسی "[26] His appearance is that of an indigent munshi or teacher of languages". To prepare for his death Davies commanded for the collection of lime and bricks and a spot was selected at the "back of Zafar's enclosure" for his burial. दो गज़ ज़मीन भी न मिली कू-ए-यार में, lagtā nahīń hé jī mérā ūjař'é dayār méń Begum Akhtar epitomized Lucknow’s high culture in her music, poetry and personal style. [18] After Aurangzeb's death, during Shah's half brother Muhammad Azam Shah's rule Ajit marched to Jodhpur and took it from Mughal rule. But his exile still continues. Within weeks, the emperor's spies intercepted treasonous messages exchanged between Mu'azzam and Abul Hasan, the ruler of Golconda. Company forces led by Major William Hodson surrounded the tomb and Zafar was captured on 20 September 1857. However the Sisodias declared independence after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707. Feb 19, 2017 - Explore Narong Budhraja's board "Bahadur Shah Zafar" on Pinterest. After his death, contemporary historians began calling him "Khuld-Manzil" (Departed to Paradise). Aurangzeb charged Mu'azzam with treason and imprisoned him; his harem was "shipped off to faraway Delhi",[7] and the ladies were also charged with treason. Outside Gujjar herders began levying their own tolls on traffic, and it became increasingly difficult to feed the city. June 1858 – Rani Lakshmibai killed. and was buried at the site that later became known as Bahadur Shah Zafar Dargah. He made his son Jahandar Shah commander of the advance guard, later replacing him with Khan Zaman. Although the king of Golconda refused to surrender, Subahdar of Hyderabad Rustam Dil Khan did so. [56], Bahadur Shah I, post coronation painting featuring Mughal symbols, Nur-ud-din Muhammad Jahangir, Mughal Emperor, Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Shah Jahan I, Mughal Emperor, Muhi-ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb, Mughal Emperor,, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Persian-language text, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Abul-Nasr Sayyid Qutb-ud-din Muhammad Shah Alam Bahadur Shah Badshah, This page was last edited on 22 January 2021, at 13:41. Q17- Bahadur Shah Zafar passed away in . [20], In Jodhpur, Bahadur Shah got the news that the Maharana Amar Singh II had fled from Udaipur to hide in the hills. 39. Begum Sahiba Zeenat Mahal was the wife of bahadur Shah Zafar. Zafar's religious tolerance, some suggest, also reflects his mixed parentage. As the Indian rebellion of 1857 spread, Sepoy regiments reached the Mughal Court at Delhi. On 10 November Shah began his march to Amber (in Rajputana, present day Rajasthan state of India), visiting the tomb of Salim Chishti in Fatehpur Sikri on 21 November. According to the historian Munis Faruqui, Mu'azzam deliberately failed in his mission. [7] When the sepoys first arrived at Bahadur Shah Zafar's court, he asked them why they had come to him, because he had no means of maintaining them. [7] Aurangzeb forbade Mu'azzam to cut his nails or hair for six months, gave orders depriving him of "good food or cold water." When brought news of the executions of his sons and grandson, the former emperor was described as being so shocked and depressed that he was unable to react. She had great influence upon the emperor who handed over all his powers to … He died in exile on 7 November 1862 in … After she sent him captured followers of Bahadur, he ordered that "ornaments worth 100,000 rupees should be manufactured" for her, and Prakash was released a month later. Davies recorded that Zafar "is evidently sinking from pure desuetude and paralysis in the region of his throat". On 1 November, Kam Bakhsh captured Pam Naik's (zamindar, the landlord of Wakinkhera) holdings after Naik abandoned his army. Zafar was first incarcerated in his wife Zeenat Mahal’s Lal Kuan haveli. My trust is in God, and whatever is best will happen. During his grandfather's reign, Mu'azzam was appointed vizer of Lahore from 1653 to 1659. Shamas pretended submission and later started attacking them. mehakShrgll mehakShrgll B e g u m S h a h i b a z e e n a t w a s t h e w i f e o f b a h a d u r s h a h z a f a r . In the meantime, Shah's aid Mihrab Khan was ordered to take possession of Jodhpur. ik shāKh-e-gūl pe baiTh ke būlbūl hé shādmāń After failing to recapture Sadaura he marched towards Lohgarh, where Bahadur was hiding. Bahadur Shah II, better known as Bahadur Shah Zafar in history was the last Mughal Emperor who remained at helm from 1837 to 1857. After his defeat, he said:[4][unreliable source? For his burial [26] The newspaper Delhi Urdu Akhbaar described him as "one of the leading saints of the age, approved of by the divine court. Bahadur Shah Zafar was sentenced life imprisonment and was sent with his wife to Rangoon, where he died in Jail on November 1862. His father, Akbar Shah II, was Muslim while his mother, Lal … Bahadur Shah Zafar died in the Rangoon jail in November 1862. Zafar was buried at 4 pm near the Shwedagon Pagoda at 6 Ziwaka Road, near the intersection with Shwedagon Pagoda road, Yangon. Yar Muhammad (supported by the emperor's son, Azim-ush-Shan) recruited troops against Shah, but no war was fought. Bahadur Shah was born as Mu'azzam on 14 October 1643 in Burhanpur as the third son of the sixth Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb by his wife Nawab Bai. [44], Suspecting that Bahadur was allied with Bhup Prakash, the king of Nahan, the emperor had Prakash imprisoned in January 1711; his mother begged in vain for his release. On 11 April, his body was sent to Delhi under the supervision of his widow Mihr-Parwar and Chin Qilich Khan. The nightingale complains about neither the sentinel nor the hunter He was born on October 24, 1775 and was the son of Akbar shah II. The shrine of Bahadur Shah Zafar Dargah was built there after recovery of its tomb on 16 February 1991. At that time he was 60. Shah left Ajmer for the Punjab on 17 June 1710, mobilising groups opposed to Bahadur on the way. [37][38], Sikhs used their newly established power to remove Mughal officials and replace them with Sikhs. Two hours later Kam Bakhsh's camp was surrounded, and Zulfiqar Khan impatiently attacked him with his "small force". کتنا ہے بدنصیب ظفر دفن کے لئے Mirza Jawan Bakht (1841 - 1884) Was The Son Of Emperor Bahadur Shah II, Also Called Zafar, And Zinat Mahal. [32], At sunrise the following day, the Mughal army charged towards Kam Bakhsh. The British took two years to completely suppress the rebel. On their advice, he would sacrifice buffaloes and camels, buried eggs and arrested alleged black magicians, and wore a ring that cured for his indigestion. Bahadur Shah Zafar Royal Family Situation in India now. The Sikhs, being outnumbered withdrew to Rahon and captured its fort after defeating the Mughals in the battle of Rahon on 12 October 1710. The Sikhs started moving cautiously towards Delhi and entered the sarkar of Hissar where they started preparation for a military campaign. Because of this, the citizens of Lahore resented reciting the khutba. Zafar had 16 sons and 31 daughters. Sitting on a branch of flowers, the nightingale rejoices Who is Real Moghal. It was later believed that Bahadur Shah was not directly responsible for the massacre, but that he may have been able to prevent it, and he was therefore considered a consenting party during his trial. Properties and ordered the recruitment of four thousand soldiers for the Punjab 17... 6 Ziwaka Road, near the Shwedagon Pagoda Road, near the Pagoda! British established their control over Delhi and Bahadur Shah was born when the British Shah Zamani Begum might have and. Treasonous messages exchanged between Mu'azzam and Abul Hasan, the contents of which he was a noted Urdu poet Zafar. 1696 to 1707, with the emperor went to Ajit Singh of Amber fighting! Is best will happen Urdu poet, Zafar held his first formal audience in several years there! 55 ], غازیوں میں بو رھےگی جب تک ایمان کی تخت لندن تک چلےگی ھندوستان... Where they started preparation for a military campaign during the Indian rebellion of 1857, the capital Burma... War of succession Singh sided with Aurangzeb 's older brother Dara Shikoh, who was killed India company the. Ghazal ( Video search ) [ unreliable source? She was the son of Akbar Shah II, was while. Rustam Dil Khan and Muhammad Amin Khan to surrender and release the Sikh prisoners, not... 1710, mobilising groups opposed to Bahadur on the Mughal emperor, Red.... ] in the khutba 1681 to 1687, Mu'azzam was appointed vizer of Lahore 1653. Was Jai Singh to the Bahadur Shah Zafar was not sentenced to life imprisonment was! بو رھےگی جب تک ایمان کی تخت لندن تک چلےگی تیغ ھندوستان کی following Ghazal ( search... Q18- the company regime in India extended no further than the city [ 40 ], Bahadur Shah was! War was fought Tabar, were killed in the meantime, Shah 's camp, where the mullahs a... Barha, the sixth Mughal emperor, and some of the remaining were. Emperor permitted the company, who had betrayed India, provided her safe passage and refuge Kathmandu. The revolt of 1857 against the Sikhs then besieged Jalalabad but withdrew to Jalandhar due! Shāh II and Lāl Bāī 4 ] [ 38 ], after ascending the throne of Delhi to 1659 when... As Gorkha forces arrived, fearing capture and humiliation, the capital of Burma Bahadur was hiding and Zamani. Noted Urdu poet and calligrapher accept murids or pupils 1708 Shah 's camp, where he died Jail! Him in the Moti Masjid at Mehrauli in Delhi Jodhpur, and Bakhsh... Of languages '' emperor issued an edict to the throne under the usual salutes took place a! 11 km ) from Lahore the Shwedagon Pagoda Road, Yangon tragic part of the trial Bahadur Shah Badshah.... Mir Jawan Bakht ( 1841 - 1884 ) was the son of Akbar Shah II defended himself against these.! Infantry of 5,000 of land were to be tried at the Red Fort in Delhi was recaptured from the.. Mahal were sent to prison in Rangoon in October bahadur shah zafar wife, a group... Imperial service, and he was `` dressed like '' Bahadur ), entered the fight and was neither to..., Mumtaz Begum, pressured him to declare her son, Azim-ush-Shan recruited. On 6 November, the emperor Shah had reoccupied Sonipat, Kaithal Panipat. And Zinat Mahal his father, Akbar Shah from his Hindu wife Lalbai him to her... And horses to the emperor permitted the company, hundreds of kingdoms and principalities, fragmented their land the. Mahal were sent to Delhi while the indolent Mu'azzam did little to prevent.! And his wife, Zeenat Mahal ’ s Lal Kuan haveli with Pagoda. Safe passage and refuge in Kathmandu in March 1707 with his soldiers buried at 4 pm near the Pagoda!

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