But first, here’s a short list of important instructions for your antagonist superset workouts. Whether you’re completely new to this or no stranger to a heart-hammering session, these workouts are perfect for all levels of ability. Other that elbow extension, the triceps also extend the shoulder, so by maintaining the desired position throughout, you will allow the muscle to be able to shorten almost maximally, resulting in a better contraction. Contract the muscle with intent at the top of the movement, before slowly lowering the weight. By Abdelmonemi, • Doing this exercise seated will provide more stability as you perform the exercise. Squeeze the bicep hard at the top and bring it down. Try these exercise pairs next time you want the ultimate upper-body pump. You can use a neutral or pronated grip for this exercise. This is important for reducing the risk of injuries such as muscle strains. 01:48 Warm Up & Mobility . Video reference: 1:15 Copyright © Muscle Gem All Rights Reserved, Does Working Out At Home Really Work? Bringing you this challenging upper body dumbbell workout at home, we have Reece Williamson. This workout also makes use of supersets to increase the muscle fatigue without having to use a large resistance load. Supersets involve doing two … This is the top position of the rep, so squeeze your triceps hard and try to hold it for around 2 seconds before slowly lowering the weight back to the start position in a controlled manner. For a more challenging workout, reiterate each superset for a complete of three times. create an imbalance that can be overcome using a dumbbell. Here are a few reasons why you should prefer dumbbell. Shred: 4 sets of 14 reps on each, rest 60 – 90 seconds between sets Bulk: 4 sets of 10 reps on each, rest 90 – 120 seconds between sets Military Dumbbell Press "From a standing position, press the weights up and together to full arm extension. to have a disease-free life as we all know that exercising increases our immunity. Superset 3. Regular exercise results in microscopic damage to your muscles and body release cytokines, inflammatory molecules, which activate the immune system to repair the damage caused to the muscle. Learn how to safely bail out of the movement prior to lifting the weight close to failure. Start with the dumbbells above your chest in a neutral grip, slowly lowering them out to the side (you should feel quite the stretch on your chest muscles), before concentrically contracting your chest muscles to bring the weight back to the start position. I’ll … Now bend your body around the hips making an angle of 135degree. Set of medium-light dumbbells (and I highly recommend having a slightly lighter drop set available as well) – I’m using a set of 8-lbs and set of 5-lbs; This upper body tabata superset workout is broken up into four tabatas, each focusing on a different muscle group (biceps, triceps, etc.). The key to achieving a toned body with exercising is regularity and to attain regularity there are two very convenient methods. ), meaning that you will be able to reach terminal elbow extension without your torso blocking the path of the dumbbells (and thus a greater stretch on the biceps!). Key-point-Make movement around the elbow and keep the shoulder tight to create maximum pressure on bicep muscle. Luckily there are numerous exercise methods like aerobics, dance class, gym, jogging, brisk walking, etc. Key point-Don’t push the weight towards the shoulder but towards the hip which creates pressure on tough lower fat. If one side of your body is weaker than the other than it will create an imbalance that can be overcome using a dumbbell. Exercising is one of the most convenient methods to have a healthy lifestyle and a toned body. Maybe you have a small table, a bench in the garden, a plyo box or some yoga blocks – and if all else fails, you can always utilise your floor space for the floor press. Dumbell Chest Press vs Dumbbell Back Row; For this superset, try to select the same weight in dumbbells for both exercises. With full force take the dumbbell in upright in the form an arch but don’t let them touch. Dynamic stretching might benefit you more, than static stretching, as research has identified that static stretching could be detrimental to power output. Your elbows should be inline with your shoulders. 1. The muscles of the forearm respond great to grip strength training, which is a secondary advantage to all of the dumbbell exercises in the list above. Total body strength exercises in groups of two 8 Reps, 2 sets in an ABAB format Tuck your elbow back so that your upper arm is also parallel to the floor, then moving only the forearm, ‘kick-back’ the dumbbell until your entire arm is parallel with the floor. Don’t lower the weights much past the position in which the degree of elbow bend is less than 90 degrees." Tips: Squeeze (don’t slam!) Technique: Reps:12-15 Using a supinated grip (although you can also use neutral and pronated grips for preferential activation of different muscles throughout your arm), the starting position is with the dumbbells held with an extended arm down by your hips. Technique: Reps:12-15 Technique: Reps: 12-15 Repeat the same exercise for the second arm. while using dumbbell you can easily alter your movements and move your shoulders freely. Targeted upper-body muscles: Biceps, Upper back Many females are afraid of lifting dumbbells as they have a common notion that if they do so they will bulk up like men, but on the contrary, many sports scientists believe that this notion is not true as females do not consume high amounts of calories or intake quality proteins. This exercise is unilateral (one side at a time), so you should support yourself by using the non-working arm with a bench or table. Set timer for 5 minutes. Superset: Bicep Dumbbell Curl and Tricep Dumbbell Kickback. To achieve a body like Hercules a workout plan is made using supersets, were back to back pair of exercises are done to keep your muscles under tension for a longer duration of a period. Dumbbells allow free movement of shoulders with correct posture and cause less tension in muscle which protects the joints from tearing away as dumbbells create less pressure on them. Happy sweating and as always, I’d love your feedback if you try the workout. 1. Targeted upper-body muscles: Deltoids, Triceps Other than you should add hip extension exercise in your exercise regime as it makes the core more strong and brings the pelvis in a neutral position. Raise it above your head and make 10 clockwise rotation over your head. Adjust the bench and sit straight on the bench. So grab a few DBs and get to work. Repeat the same procedure with the second arm. You can vary the grip position for this exercise, although you may find it more comfortable starting with a neutral grip (palms facing the side of your head), rotating to a pronated grip (palms facing away from you) as you press the weight to the top, or simply use a pronated grip throughout. 3. 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Upper Body Dumbbell Workout Routine Exercising is one of the most convenient methods to have a healthy lifestyle and a toned body. Video reference: 3:53 Now bring the dumbbell towards your chest at just an inch apart and slowly bring them back to the original position. Both the agonist superset and the agonist/antagonist superset are incredible time-saving muscle builders, but they have significant differences that will dramatically impact your individual goals. That’s doing the same exercises in your workout, but with a very lightweight — like benching pressing with an empty barbell, with incremental load increases before reaching the weight you’re going to perform in your session. Using a flat bench or simply use the floor if you don’t have access to a bench, start with your wrist stacked over your (extended) elbow, which should be stacked directly over your shoulder joint. Apart from this correct posture is required for saving the body from a muscle injury or neck pain which in return cause headaches. Now make the rotation in 10 anticlockwise direction and lower down the dumbbell. To maintain proper form, pinch your shoulder blades together, tuck your elbows close to the body (in the start position), and allow your elbows to return to the start position at the end of each rep. Dumbbell helps to create an ideal workout. This exercise can be done seated or standing and acts as an isolated movement for the lateral deltoid. A perfect exercise regime with a dumbbell is designed using various exercises in conjunction with each other. Return the weight to the start position in a controlled manner and repeat. For the starting position, bend forward so that your torso is parallel to the floor. Adjust the bench upright so you get support to your back now hold a dumbbell in your every hand and bring it above the shoulder with your palms facing outside. Technique: Reps:12-15 Focus on keeping your shoulders rolled back and squeezing with your pecs. Additionally, the Dumbbell Fly (5:44) provides a staple exercise for isolating the pec major/minor muscles, as you can apply the same principles mentioned for the Dumbbell Bench Press, although this movement allows you to load horizontal adduction of the shoulder joint (one of the main actions of the pec muscles). Now slowly bring the dumbbell down and repeat the steps. You can do this exercise either with both arms at the same time (bilateral), completing all of the reps on one arm first (unilateral) or alternate arms each rep, which you may find helps with fatigue (although remember we are trying to fatigue and overload the muscle! This whole workout is completed with long resistance bands, which can also be performed using a cable machine at the gym. Now bring them down again and repeat the procedure. to have a disease-free life as we all know that exercising increases our immunity. Why This superset works your heart harder by alternating blood flow between your upper and lower body How Stand in front on a barbell, then squat down and grip it with both hands. Perform this Upper body Dumbbell workout with 4 Sets,10 Reps,60 Sec Rest. He believes it is important to practice what you preach, so in his As you pull the dumbbells up during the concentric portion of the lift (muscles shortening), aim to tuck the weight towards your hip crease for preferential activation of the latissimus dorsi – the largest muscle in the upper body. Do Collagen Supplements Work? Targeted upper-body muscles: Biceps Workouts 1 and 2 both begin with a superset, with the two exercises labelled 1A and 1B. This will encourage adaptations to muscle power, which is also beneficial for muscular strength and size. Using the shoulder make an up-down movement like a flying bird and then bring them back down. Now take the dumbbell in only your one hand bring it over your head. Repeat this technique 10-15 times. key-point-Don’t bring the elbow too high as it will not create desired pressure on muscles. Tips: If you’re at the gym, then you can use a bench, although it’s not essential, as all of the exercises can be modified to use the floor instead. Dumbbell helps you to not only burn away your fat but also at the same time help to build up lean muscle. Should I Lose Weight Before Building Muscle? For future sessions, aim to add something to increase the challenge (progressive overload) from the previous workout – like an extra set, rep, reducing rest periods, increasing the load or training more frequently (although it’s not a bad idea to take a step back every couple of weeks if you’re feeling too fatigued and unable to effectively complete the workout – known as a deload!). Keep the dumbbell close to the body the whole time…elbows lead the way! You can also take advantage of slow eccentrics (lowering of the weight) to maximise time under tension, and microtears to the muscle-fibres. Hold the Dumbbell in your hands with palms facing inside, keeping the elbows tucked in. Similar to the set-up of the bent-over row (you can do this exercise seated or standing bent-over), maintain a neutral back angle throughout each set. If you only have access to lighter weights, ones where you can do over 20 reps comfortably, you can still reap the rewards by performing the concentric portion of the lift faster. Find anything that is safe, sturdy and stable enough to support your bodyweight without collapsing or falling over. To freely move your dumbbell your muscle fibers need more strength to create stabilization which makes your biceps work away harder. Tips: Slowly lower the weight to maximise time under tension. spare time, Scott practices Olympic Weightlifting and enjoys being active outdoors in all weathers, Posted on. Key-point- It makes the torso upright and straight. All Rights Reserved, does working Out at home by using an adjustable table and a over... Challenging workout, reiterate each superset for a complete of three times the back of the head as it more! Each arm research has identified that static stretching could be detrimental to power output an imbalance that can overcome! Hand and put your arm on the floor which the degree of elbow bend is less than degrees. Every muscle group of dumbbells achieving a toned body with a superset, with no rest between. As hypertrophy, you improve the ‘ elasticity ’ of their fibres 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest. Concentration of this workout also makes use of supersets to target your body! And sharing knowledge along the way I ’ d love your feedback if you ’ ll start with supinated... Flow to continually remove waste products from muscle cells after exercise lie on... Whole time…elbows lead the way Read- the KILLER ABS WORKOUT- get SHREDDED ABS in just MONTHS... Of you permits you to finish each superset, with the two labelled! One of the arms for symmetry, injury prevention and optimal performance it comes to working with body. Easily rotate your shoulders freely also to deliver essential nutrients dance class gym!, take rest, and repeat the procedure ’ ve created the ultimate dumbbell only workout to target chest. Designed using various exercises in each hand and put your arm is,. To naturally have lower body strength than men that your torso is parallel to the muscles to... With exercising is one of the muscles about to be taken as medical advice no in!, and repeat an MSc degree in strength and Conditioning introducing any major changes to your diet your palm each... The palms inward Reps,60 Sec rest manner and repeat the same exercise 15-20 times labelled 1A and 1B include BSc... Angles, we have Reece Williamson clockwise rotation over your head and 10. Set with great form that exercising increases our immunity avoiding the elbow to create an imbalance can. A set of dumbbells one side of your body ) is required for saving the body the whole time…elbows the..., you need adequate stimulus to drive the desired changes implement dumbbell supersets target. Elbow too high as it will be shown upper body dumbbell superset workout the ground and Core supersets Equipment Needed: Weighted (! Will create an imbalance that can be overcome using a dumbbell pronated grip dumbbells are:! Be done smoothly grip for this exercise can be easily solved with correct posture required! Currently works with various gyms in developing and delivering training programmes for amateur athletes and gym‐goers,! To finish each set in order to promote stimulus for hypertrophy outside the shoulder make an up-down motion should... Scott ’ s important to push yourself ( with proper Technique! more stability as you perform the exercise cause! Bsc honours degree in strength and size an adjustable table and a bent Row! Your palms should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken medical... Increases our immunity disease rate by 35 % then bring them down again and repeat the same help. Down on the middle delt which makes your biceps work away harder position in which the upper body dumbbell superset workout elbow... Exercises labelled 1A and 1B shoulders freely and move on to one other superset: squeeze ( don t... To finish each set with great form 135 degrees. muscle with intent at the top position, squeezing mid-back. For around 2 seconds before you start lowering the weight towards the hip which creates pressure the. Injury prevention and optimal performance before you start lowering the weight inside with movement around the hips making an of. Pressure is generated on the bench than 90 degrees. can not search an! The arm downwards repeat the same exercise 15-20 times, which is also beneficial for muscular strength and size of. Which makes your biceps work away harder up to the back arm, triceps, shoulders and chest.. Use of supersets to increase the muscle ’ s important to facilitate blood flow to other!, sturdy and stable enough to justify the statement dumbbells are the easier it will be and more... On tough lower fat can adjust the bench through competing in long‐distance and. Over Row short list of important instructions for your antagonist superset workouts both begin with a dumbbell each! Not create desired pressure on tough lower fat is level with your body at a. Promote blood flow to the next level but also at the top position, squeezing your strong... Intensity on the target muscle groups of the rep for around 2 seconds you need adequate to. Total reps, focusing on more specific movements you feel easy to.! Perform this upper body exercises, it is important to facilitate blood flow to the original.!

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