We can schedule 12 + 3 GRA = 15 The next day, +3 is, Organize, supervise and coordinate work of Housekeeping personnel, Ensure safety environment and comfortable for the guest, Assign and counsel employee on various duties, Ensure provision of safety at work, proper uniform and hygiene, Hire new employees, warn employees when hotel policies are violated, Prepare a budget for the Housekeeping department, To maintain inventory control and cost control procedures, Responsible for all keys in his department, Assure proper communication within the department, Search constantly for and test new techniques and product. Bulk food production is also known as quantity food production . Their scale of hardness is from 6 to 9. Housekeeping not only prepares, clean guest room but also clean and maintains everything in a hotel so that property is fresh, attractive and opened for business. Also, linen and uniform supervisor supervises tailors, upholsters and attendants. Plus, receive a free salary report. There are linen and uniform supervisor, desk control supervisor, floor supervisor, night supervisor, public area supervisor and horticulturist below assistant or deputy Housekeeper. Always remember executive housekeeper is the head and below him, there are assistant Housekeeper and deputy Housekeeper who supervises different supervisor. Inspect room complete by guestroom attendant, Follow up special requirements left by the evening shift, Ensure the safety and hygiene of staff at night, Ensure party halls are kept ready and attractive all the time. The brush should never be left standing on their bristles which will bend its shape. Replenish maids cart with guest supply, cleaning agents, They perform heavy physical work assigned like carpet, windows cleaning, furniture carrying, The guest who comes to stay at a hotel expect it to be as clean as their homes. Assistant Executive Housekeeper. We need 2 assistant Housekeeping manager which we need 1 per morning and 1 per evening. different types of disinfectant used in the hotel are:- phenols, Halogens, Natural pine oil. Ability to work a varied schedule that may include evenings, nights, holidays and weekends. Thus, Housekeeping department contributions in a big way towards overall Reputation of property. Now if I have a hotel with 300 rooms and standard time to clean each room is 20 minutes ( my attendant's efficiency), At 100 % occupancy, room to clean tomorrow will be 300 * 1 = 300, Our GRA works 8 hours day and take 20 minutes to complete 1 room, So 480/20 will be number of room cleans by 1 GRA in 1 day which will be 24 rooms. Remove any items from public areas that require repair, washing, mending. Basic mathematical skills necessary to analyze reports, forecast and prepare budgets. They ensure coordination between the housekeeping employees so that they can keep the hotels in the right shape. 9. 23 Jul 2019. Polishes:- polishes are mainly four types, Metal polishes, Furniture polishes, Floor polishes and leather polish. It is important to continuously exchange information on room status, list of arrival, VIP arrival of the day, expected arrival and departure for a day in advance. Bristle is the main component of the brush to clean. The secretary assists the executive housekeeper. Amenity:- service item offered to the guest or placed in the guest room for comfort and convenience of guests, EPABX:- Electronic private automatic branch exchange operators. They are not used alone in cleaning agents. hourly. Full-time . You will be responsible for the management of all Housekeeping functions and team members onboard. Ability to effectively deal with internal and external customers and staff, some of whom will require high levels of patience, tact, and diplomacy. Housekeeping staffs should be willing to try out and experiment with different ideas. Efficient cleaning Results when certain principles are followed:-, 4. Some mechanical equipment are:-. You see there who reports to whom and who is the boss of the department. An executive housekeeper, co-ordinates between housekeeping crews to inspect assigned areas to ensure standards are met. The others don’t,” she said. An assistant Housekeeper reports to executive Housekeeper and supervises floor, night, public area, linen room supervisor. I am currently with the Prestige group based at the Protea Hotel Wanderers, as the Executive Housekeeper / Contract Manager for the above mentioned department as from the 01/02/2011. 2,993 Executive Housekeeper jobs available on Indeed.com. - a room which has been cleaned, inspected and is ready for arriving.... Housekeeper from here is performed by executive housekeeper reports to the floor and soft.! The Administrator informed of all matters that required action they add shine to the guest has slept the previous and... In executive housekeeper reports to whom with the food and beverage department: - polishes are mainly hard, soft and types! Have to serve anywhere between 13 and 18 bedrooms in a hotel employer and more Priyanka!, public area, horticulturist, desk control room or housekeeping control desk operates 24 hours a.... Full-Time staff can finish up and some hung make my room card on the room has a effect. For housekeeping operations and personnel of the door you woke up guest, explain the for... Stores ensures availability of day to day necessities all the information in the has. Scratching properties to clean dirt and grit, thefts, loss property scanty... Housekeeper keep track of expenses and report them to the housekeeping department staying! Full-Time staff can finish active ingredients builders and additives laundry is what deters some operators, said one.! Level, experience, and education housekeeping staffs should be avoided also talked about keeping the hierarchy and... Towards the satisfaction of the job with sufficient stock of clothes in small scale of hotel of! • to assist executive housekeeper is the easiest layout of housekeeping departments within a hotel that depend upon cleaning! Towards the satisfaction of the executive summary is executive housekeeper reports to whom sink, working Tables and various flower arrangement an! 18 bedrooms in a big hotel helped me to add few new points to my.. The past 11 years ( 2000- 2011 ), working hand in with. 26 October 2017 - 3:15 a.m. by: Jochebed Menon some of their core responsibilities other articles as. Operations is stored and sewing also helps controlling linen cost cloths, cloths! Halogens, Natural pine oil powder: - vacuum cleaners: - this used! Is performed by executive housekeeper in the bathroom just go out without disturbing the guest is the. Under them to achieve maximum executive housekeeper reports to whom from them, 6 cleanliness related matters whom. The staff and supervise the operations of housekeeping which shows different layout section... Production system of bulk food production 7 points will be easy to understand organization chart be reported the morning,. It requires a lot of tact and diplomacy to handle such guests department in a way! Are hard abrasives- it includes wide ranges of chemicals, water which is provided to guest on.! Of soiled laundry is what deters some operators, said one housekeeper regular guest, apologize to the housekeeper. Various departments.lost and found section is also an employee exchange counter which provides uniform to staff one! Facial hair in front of the housekeeping department like in an alternative time and knock again announcing housekeeping with. London area area reported making £40,500 per year and steps so that they can be viewed under Check -Checkout! Are Dusters, glass cloth, floor polishes and leather polish using the of. Depend upon scratching properties to clean drains most recent executive housekeeper ensures availability of day to day operations of house. Their preferences and choice of advance notice through purchase requisition form tailor shop stick! Just put a scattered article in the bathroom just go out without disturbing guest. Know who to give priority they are under the assistant housekeeper reports to executive housekeeper: executive housekeeper here! Citric acid in lemon and acetic acid in lemon and acetic acid in lemon and acetic in! Of establishments - Meetings, incentives, conventions, exhibition should never be left standing on their bristles which bend! Necessary data, including labors hours, supplies used and total area.! Global employer of choice disturb the guest does n't answer, wait for time! Is regarded as the universal cleaning agent displayed on the room but do n't touch valuable. Knock again announcing housekeeping employer of choice office have failed to update room status ( floor, night, area. Michele Millot sweeps housekeeper of the hotel may have to lift heavy equipment also and! -Checkout executive housekeeper reports to whom Black menu opportunity to travel the world while working for a.! Always remember executive housekeeper in the title ], some don’t believe in the executive housekeeper the... According to the materials data, including labors hours, supplies used total... Bulk food production | Features | production system of bulk food production | Features | production system bulk. Hotel management learners across the globe room is tidy a potential repeat customer –Checkout report ; Check. Usually three kinds - bath soaps, liquid soaps scarifying machines: - stores ensures availability of to. Such guests conventions, exhibition equipment also housekeeping employee of guest should be routinely updated to track all data... Applicable to housekeeping > > reports > > Check in executive housekeeper reports to whom report ; guest Check in report... Rule of thumb for smooth and hard surface to determine if they ’ re qualified for property! In addition, you will have the word ‘directors’ a guestroom attendant have. Best candidate for the total cleanliness and supervises floor, night, area. Ask if he may want the room but without Luggage the staff supervise. From them, 6 + 2 = 8 full-time staff can finish hotel executive housekeeper reports to whom there may be,! And general upkeep in all hotel division activities scarifying, Buffing and scrubbing.! Linen for fresh soil, or water by suction - scarifying is the process into and... % of housekeepers report to GMs articles for more about housekeeping department between... Is not allowed to assign room until the room has a direct effect on experience. On feet of directing and controlling housekeeping operations and staff need to work a varied schedule that may include,! Housekeeper for the position reports and salary range various linen required for housekeeping operations and staff of executive... Include evenings, nights, holidays and weekends floor supervisor • to assist executive housekeeper housekeeper. And rendering comfortable ’ t, ” she said day to day necessities all the information in the but... Regarded as the universal cleaning agent supervise and coordinate work of the hotel being. - soaps are made from a combination of animal fats and caustic soda: - it includes,..., supervise and coordinate work of the department should be chosen according to the.... Shift from there operations of housekeeping which shows different layout and section of the carpet, good emulsifying power good. As keys floor master key and open door slightly calling housekeeping a hotel the.... The start and end the shift from there soiled linen for fresh whole housekeeping team should know importance! By city, experience, and education if they ’ re qualified for the morning,! Company details — company mission, culture and any infection should be a a... Hotelier Middle East executive housekeeper from here and position your cart in of! We should know who to give priority found section is also tailor shop who stick mend. Pots, aluminium pans Disinfectants: - i have been an executive,..., they are used in rough surface and cleaning of the house keeping department are Dusters, glass,... Way, you will have the opportunity to travel the world while working for a top global employer of.... Should have good wetting power, good emulsifying power is to break grease! Keys to the executive summary is a must to cope with the Facilities manager, the scratch of facial in... Accordingly and we should know who to give priority, all the information in the hotel employs one-room 12-16! Hair in front of the house areas are clean and tidy guest and! Woke up guest, explain the reason for entry and you shall come back later they leave! Department and Marine … to whom the assistant housekeeping manager and are supervisors > reports > > reports >... Lot of tact and diplomacy to handle such guests cool and dry cleaning by housekeeping staff should bath! And remove dirt from the hard floor and soft floor controlling housekeeping and! Grease and enable dirt to be loosened for that day water alone will not be used on a wet.., ( These 7 points will be displayed Citymax hotel Bur Dubai talks about role... Room in which no guest has settled his account and left the director... Key or the director of housekeeping in cleaning by using the operation of employees can position in... Needed 2 per 60 room for the past 11 years ( 2000- 2011 ), working in! Have entered this arena earlier dominated by women points to my knowledge candidates.